18 Varieties

Sweet Dumplins

Your favorite fruit or confection made into a filling, stuffed into a biscuit dough and baked until the buttery crust is golden brown.


Savory Dumplins

Meats, veggies or both, blended into a superb filling, stuffed into a biscuit dough, then baked until the buttery crust is golden brown.

Breakfast Dumplins

Your favorite breakfast foods in a buttery biscuit dough. The perfect breakfast-on-the-go. Choose potatoes, bacon, cheese, and more.
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ButterCrust Dumplins Info

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The ButterCrust Dumplin is available at Dixie Kwik Cafe. Many varieties available every day.

Dozen or Sampler Platter

Buy ButterCrust Dumplins by the dozen or get a sampler platter to share with family and friends.

Create Your Own Dumplin

Don’t see your favorite flavor? Tell us and we will create it for you – Sweet – Savory – Breakfast. Name it and we’ll put it on the menu.
ButterCrust Dumplins

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ButterCrust Dumplins – A Unique Food

What is a ButterCrust Dumplin? Simple. It is a simply delectable food that is eaten individually as a dessert, as an appetizer or, when several are placed on a plate, they are eaten as an entree. They are even combined with soups, in broths or with sauce or gravy. The ButterCrust Dumplin is very versatile.

How Do We Make ButterCrust Dumplins?

We take biscuit dough, fill it with fruit, a veggie or meat mixture, and then bake them in butter until they are golden brown. It’s just that simple. The taste is simply awesome!

ButterCrust Dumplins

Latest news

Cherry Pie Dumplins

Cherry Pie Dumplins

Two New Flavors Added ButterCrust Dumplins just added two new flavors to our fabulous line up of Sweet Dumplins. Two new flavors that we’re sure will excite you! The two new flavors are: Cherry Pie Dumplin Cherry Cheese Dumplin If you are a cherry lover, you will absolutely love these new Dumplins. They are awesome […]

ButterCrust Dumplins

Continental Breakfast Catering

Corporate Breakfast Catering ButterCrust Dumplins are an excellent finger food for your corporate or team breakfast meetings. Of course, if you prefer, forks are appropriate to use too. Currently, we have four (4) breakfast flavors of Sweet Dumplins and three (3) flavors of Savory Dumplins which are perfect for your breakfast catering. SWEET Dumplins Apple […]

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Located inside Dixie Kwik Cafe on Manchester Expressway at Woodruff Rd. in St. Francis Marketplace across from St. Francis Hospital

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